Monday, May 5, 2008

44 the awakening

There are times that I see this number often, as if to say wake up and pay attention. I have tried to work out all the possibilities but do not seem to be able to make the connection. 144 being a gross and used in the bible as a base unit of measurement. The 44 representing the four corners of the earth, but nothing has struck a cord. Is it possible I am not asking the right question? If I was an alien and wanted to send a message to earth how would I do it and what would I say? Or maybe if I were from the future and wanted to send a message to the past? Is it a message at all, maybe it is just part of a greater awakening and we need to just go with it and pay attention? I work in a warehouse all day long and see thousands of numbers, but very rarely do I see 144 or 44. I only seem to see the number 44 at home or away from work. I will pick a number to wait in line and it will be 144 or I will go shopping and at the check out I will have 44 items or the receipt will be 144. I have had days were the number will show up 10 or 15 times in an hour, I wonder what the odds are???