Monday, December 26, 2011

What abadu44 is about

Hello my name is Dale and
welcome to abadu44.
At this time I thought it
would be beneficial to explain what this blog is about. Basically the blog is
about how often I and other people see groups of numbers and what their
significance may be. Whether it be spiritual or scientific, it is my hope
through discussion that an answer will present itself. With the use of
deductive reasoning and philosophical debate I believe that we will come to a
better understanding of what is going on. While most of the discussions will
revolve around the number 44 and 144 it is not limited to or confined to those
numbers. We discussed the science of perception, psychology, quantum physics,
and the philosophy of life and its meaning.
Let me further explain that I am a spiritual person, but not
a religious one. While I do not have a personal grievance against organized
religion, I will not lend credence to it. I believe that it is too much
controlled by organized ego to offer any real answers, and will usually try to
twist into such things a hidden meaning that is not there.

A little bit about myself;
I'm a lifelong resident of the Nevada
desert, and eclectic artist and writer who believes the answer to the universe
sometimes comes in the form of a question. That there are no accidents in life
and that we must hold ourselves accountable for everything that happens in our
lives. I believe that through positive thinking, we as a people can be more of
a benefit to the world and to ourselves. I believe that a single quantum event
can change the future and the world. That there is more to the universe than
what we currently perceive, and that we sit on the precipice of a global shift.
Seeing groups of numbers started years ago when I and my
family were on vacation. No matter where we parked our car, we ended up parking
in 4C or 2B. Although in the beginning we simply thought of it as an annoying
coincidence, we later tried to avoid these parking spaces to no avail. It was
as if the universe was trying to tell us something. But it wasn't until my
oldest daughter pointed out the strange hidden meaning, that I started getting
shivers down my spine. She said to me" don't you get it", "get
what?" I said. "Foresee what is to be", she said, with a
Cheshire cat grin on her face.
The realization that my
daughter had seen something I did not, made me wonder what else I was missing.
Was there other hidden messages out there? Was someone or something trying to
send a message? Was this some sort of delusion or was I doing something unconsciously
to park in those spaces? As a result I began looking for hidden messages
wherever I went. I read and researched everything I could get my hands on. I
studied everything from astrology to quantum physics for two years and found
One late evening I stopped after work to have my usual coffee
and cigarette at one of the local casinos. It was my usual habit to sit and
play penny Keno in order to get my free coffee for playing. I would use this
time to mentally unwind so I wouldn't take work home with me. As I sat there
playing I noticed the number 44 was coming up in every single game. I decided
to play the number only to find that every time I played the number, it didn't
hit any numbers. So I did like most people and brushed it off as bad luck. I
finished my coffee and left for home not thinking anything more of it. While
driving home some idiot cuts in front of me and I notice his license number
starts with 144. Then not 2 min. later someone goes speeding by with the
license number ending in 44. As I go further down the road I noticed a gas
station with the gas price ending in 44. After that a billboard advertising
hotel rates ending in 44. I think to myself how odd as I look at my watch which
was reading 6:44. In the days that followed I noticed that the number 144 and
44 would show up periodically in groups. I might go several days before seeing
the numbers again, but it would always be blatantly in my face and with such
repetition as not to be ignored. After a time I discussed it with my wife
hoping to find some sort of sanity. Was I being delusional? Was it just
coincidence? Was I the only one seeing these numbers? To my surprise, my wife
began seeing the numbers as well. Was seeing the numbers somehow suggestive? I
talked other people and family members to see if that was the case. This only
seemed to result in people thinking I was crazy or looking for attention.

As time has gone by my
research has led me to many new experiences, people and new ways of thinking. Though
I may never find the real answer behind it, I have discovered that there is
more to this universe than we know. That how we perceive things, is not
necessarily how things are. I have discovered that quantum physics and some of
the latest scientific discoveries are closer to an answer. Be it understood that I'm not alone in the
quest for knowledge and that are more of us out there than we realize.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The soul's hiding place

For millennia religion and science have searched for where the soul may reside. To that end science has dissected the human body down to the cellular level in search of the soul. No one has ever claimed to have found it.
So the other night when I was playing with a Mobius strip I got to thinking. What if the reason no one has ever found the soul is because the soul does not reside in this dimension? What if the soul is a fourth dimensional or fifth dimensional object? Even if you had a soul in your hand you might not recognize or even be able to see it. The average mind has a hard enough time just trying to grasp what a fourth dimensional object looks like.
With this in mind one could extrapolate that the soul resides in another dimension connected to us in the third dimension. Like putting your body in a swimming pool, part of you would be submerged in this world, while the rest of you would be sticking out of the water in the fourth dimension. You would be able on a conscious level to interact with this world, yet still be in the fourth dimension. You would also have at some level information come to you from the fourth or fifth dimension. Such as dreams, intuition, and other extrasensory perception's. This would explain why some people seem to have a sixth sense. It may even explain why some of us have been seeing the number 44.
Or we could go with the explanation that a friend gave me. That we have all had a close encounter of the third kind and that some alien is trying to send a message. I have seen a UFO, but that doesn't mean it was from another world. And if I had that kind of technological ability I sure as hell would not send a cryptic message such as the number 44.
Whatever the answer may be, I'm sure it's only because I have not asked the right question yet. My quest will go on until I find an answer or I go mad trying to figure out the riddle that has been presented to me.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Something new to think about

The number 44 as I have said before is nothing more than a frequency. As near as I can tell it has been around for a long time. The increase in the number of times that I see the number began about the time the world started its shift. Or about the time the world started to wake up.
Some would have you believe that 2012 is when the shift is going to take place. I hate to disappoint the doomsayers out there but the shift started a number of years ago and is not correlated to specific date. Do you think life on this planet could adapt to the coming changes and awareness in such a short time? Here's another question; do you think people are the only things that are going through this shift? Have you noticed that some animals and plants have begun to change and adapt?
We have been so focused on those animals that have become endangered that we have failed to notice those that are surviving and thriving in the world we have created. Older rats have learned to taste food and wait before consuming all the food that they find. If the food is bad or poisoned they only get mildly sick and return to it only after determining that it is safe to eat. Crows have been evolving rather dramatically in the last few years as well. I include the following link as an example.
All I can say is that after watching this video I will never look at crows in the same way again. This also raises the question, what other animals are evolving and in what ways?
The basic point that I want to get across, is that the number 44 and the people seeing this number and other numbers simply means that the world is becoming more aware of what is really going on around it. The world is waking up and the shift is merely the point at which those that are awake outnumber those that are asleep.
Those of us that are awake see these numbers because like the child standing in the garden we not only see and smell the rose, we see the other roses as well. At some point we will evolve and see the whole garden not just the rose.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The chosen or not chosen

I have noticed that a great number of followers seem to think that seeing these numbers somehow makes them one of the so-called chosen. Let me make it perfectly clear, I am not a follower of organized religion. I have always learned to question everything and the answers I have gotten from organized religion are not good ones. This is not to say I don't believe in a creator, but too many times in the past organized religion has twisted people and events into things that they are not, for their own gains. As for those who believe in organized religion. I believe that everybody has to believe in something, so long as they are not looking to revive the Inquisition and witch burnings.
I believe that seeing the number is simply a matter of being aware of what is going on around you. I believe that anyone can see the number if they so choose to notice that it's there. As to what it means or what it does is up to the individual. I believe that if someone thinks that it is a bad omen, then it is. But if someone thinks positive thoughts then it is a positive thing.
As far as noticing things, there is something that people all over the world have failed to notice. Fear, fear is being used by the old order of power to control and manipulate the rest of the world. If you watch TV ads, most of them are negative. If you watch the news, most of it is negative. If you go to church you're told you they are going to go to hell if you don't do this or that. There is a reason for this and it's called control a person who is fearful, is more easily controlled than one that fears nothing. The purveyors of fear are trying to retain control of the world and in reality they have control of nothing except that which people give them control of. People who are fearful will give up their freedom and everything else at the drop of a hat all a politician has to do is tell them he will save them from this or that if they will just simply give up their freedom, their possessions or whatever. If anything, I believe the number 44 is a sign of an awakening that the people are starting to notice the lies that are being purveyed in the world. This world has the potential of being so much more if we would just simply stop listening to the lies and fear that pervades our society's. I have personally been to places and communities where fear does not exist and I have seen paradise. As one of my graphic design says "when are God's children going to start acting like adults?"
So when you see the number 44, 144. Think good thoughts. Think positive and believe that the world can be a better place. And the next time you see a commercial realize they're trying to sell you something you may not need or want. That the only way that they can sell it to you is if you're afraid. Afraid of being safe, afraid of being less than you can be, afraid of not being good enough, afraid of what someone will do if you don't have it. And above all, remember that if you're seeing these numbers that anything is possible. And that chosen or not the universe has just giving you a gift. One that says everything is all right and that everything will be taken care of and that anything is possible. That 2012 is not the end of the world and that for every ending there is a new beginning.

May the Creator bless you and the world with the gift of sight.

Manifesting your dreams

The number 44 still is showing up with regularity and at times with such intensity as to not be ignored. As to the reason for why it is showing up, I am still not 100% sure, but I have deduced the following. One is that the universe is showing me that anything is possible. Two, the numbers 144 and 44 are much like the frequencies on a radio station. If you tune the radio to in-between stations, things get a little fuzzy, and things don't run as smooth as they would normally. Three, seeing the numbers tells me that I should pay more attention to what's going on around me. Four, as I'm not the only one who sees these numbers occur with unnatural frequency and not everyone is seeing the same numbers,I know that this is not a delusion.
Much of what I have been reading about quantum physics affirms that what I and others see is quite possible. Every scientific conception that I grew up with has since been disproven. A good example of this dramatic shift in scientific knowledge can be found in the movie "What the bleep do we know". The movie is filled with Nobel prize winning scientists, doctors and philosophers that explain how the world is as we know it today. After watching this movie, I don't feel so crazy or at least that I'm in good company.
That aside things in my life have been dramatically changing. Through the use of information that I got from the movie and book "The secret" I have learned even more about the real world. The laws of attraction do work and if you can put yourself in the right frame of mind, you can manifest anything in your life. I believe that the number 44, along with other information came into my life to show me what was possible.
As an example; I went from owning vehicles that always broke down to owning vehicles that never break down. When I walk into a casino. I only play when I'm feeling good and positive about myself. I no longer lose money and never spend long periods of time playing, as spending time in the casino, win or lose is a waste of time. Especially when you consider that if you can manifest money from a slot machine you could manifest wealth from a number of less risky ventures. Not that I am recommending gambling, but it does seem to have made an improvement on the odds. I once met a man who was banned from the casinos because he was too lucky, he almost never lost. After having read the secret, I now know his secret and have begun to apply it to other areas of my life. My wife and kids are happier and opportunities seem to be coming to them out of nowhere. My daughter wanted a new job and I told her to use the secret. Within days a new job was presented to her. When she walked into a bakery, she saw the person behind the counter very frazzled. When she asked why, it turned out to be the manager who had just lost his cake decorator. Needless to say after a short conversation, she was presented with the opportunity to go back to what she loved to do.
Think about it, the universe shows you a particular number. It shows up with such frequency that you cannot mistake it for anything but what it is (What seems to be an impossibility). The universe shows you something as simple as this to show you what is possible, to show you anything is possible. What would you do if the universe did this for you? Would you shrug it off as coincidence, like the majority of the people in this world do? Who live their lives blindly going about their day without seeing anything other than what they want to see. How many people sit on a Walmart bench and actually watch what goes on around them? How many really take note of how blind people really are? 99% of the people will not even notice you sitting there and the other 1% will only be people that know you. Once you have done this and you start to notice things, you will see things that no one else will. You will see patterns in frequencies that people live in and then you will start seeing patterns and frequencies in the objects around you. Sometimes you just need to slow down in order to smell the roses much less notice them being there.