Thursday, December 6, 2012

Please note the new survey to the right. This is a very important survey and I would appreciate everyone answering the question on the survey. (Note: the surveys do not track who answers what.)  The surveys are anonymous so as not to be biased in their results and most are gender neutral. The data collected is used to try and pinpoint an area that requires further research or a possible cause of this phenomenon.
    The question regarding dizziness is to determine if people are being exposed to ULFS ( ultra low frequency sound-waves ) the sound waves have been used in the past for everything from weapons systems to mind control. At one point in the 60s it was even used in experiments by CIA that wanted to see if mind control could be transmitted through television and radio. One of the side effects of being exposed to certain sound-waves and radio waves is nausea, dizziness and disorientation. People can only hear within a short narrow band of sound waves. Anything above or below this range is not detectable by the human ear, but its effects can be seen or felt. A cup of water exposed to such sound waves would ripple, but you would not hear or feel anything unless it was so intense that it started vibrating the molecules in your body.
    When we see the number 44 appear we should not be looking just for the number. We should be looking for whatever else is coinciding with the event. Do birds, animals and insects disappear when the number appears? Does water, trees, power lines, or other objects vibrate or do unusual things? Do we or people around us act differently or suffer from unexplained ailments? Good science is based on good unbiased observation. We should not limit our observations to the present moment either. Is there a family history or are there historical documents that record such events? An old professor once told me"If you want the answer to a question, you must first ask the question!" "And if you do not get the right answer, you're not asking enough questions!"

Have a great day. Live free, be happy.

Monday, December 3, 2012

44 in the price of retail goods?

   I remember when stores used to end the price of products .99 to make you think you were saving a buck. Why do we see many stores now ending the price of products in .44 ? if anyone works in the retail industry I would be very interested in why retail stores changed their practices and how they came about this decision? Stores and manufacturers do not randomly pick prices,there is always a reason behind what they do. As a student of graphic communications we use everything from color to the shape of bottles influence people's buying decisions. We shape mouthwash bottles in the same shape as a liquor bottle and we use the color red to entice passion and hunger. These subliminal messages have been documented scientifically and proven to work. So why would a company begin pricing products that in in $.44? believe it or not changing the price of the product costs a great deal of investment. You have to change labels and advertising to do this and it's not cheap. You even have to hire consultants who are very expensive to help make these decisions. And why did the people I have talked to not have an answer and try to avoid the question?

number 44 spikes again

   A dramatic spike occurred on 11/30/2012 please note any event that coincided with this date and please make comments. A personal spike occurred on Sunday, December 2, 2012. This is one of the strongest occurrences that I have seen yet and It will be interesting to see if a world spike or other events coincide with the December 2 occurrence. Please be sure to participate in the survey's on the right-hand side of this blog as this will help in researching the cause and effect of this phenomenon. Also if anyone has suggestions on how to create a double-blind test that will add additional information to my research it would be helpful. Thank you and may the world have a great day.