Sunday, August 31, 2014

The act of observation?

    So I have a question. According to quantum physics or quantum mechanics the act of observation changes the results. If this is the case, then why does the number 44 continue to appear? Does it know that it is being  observed? Does it know and not care? Quantum effects can have huge effects in the real world. Is the number's appearance the result of a quantum event? If so can its appearance be predicted? The frequency in which  we see these numbers has been increasing, at which point does it reach a saturation level? A level that would be noticed by more than just the few that see it now. Would a number qualify as a quantum event? Could the numbers be traced back to it's original source? The Bible uses the number 144 and 44 several times, would this be a source or does it go back further? Why was the number 144 chosen to represent the quantity "Gross" ? 1 gross, being = 144 why? Why not 143 or 145? Does the number have anything to do with fractals or a pacific fractal? As the universe is based on fractals, is someone or something trying to tell us something? If the act of observation changes the out come of things, is this why when we try to manifest things wishes do not come true? If you travel down the rabbit hole can you ever find your way back? Or do the numbers just drive you crazy till you die?
    Live each day with gratitude, love each person as if it was your self, question everything as if you were a child.

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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Is the number 44 a message in a bottle?

            We have all considered the possibility that the number 44 is a message, but how many have considered the possibility that it is a message that we have left for ourselves? That in our past we created a message and left it for our future selves to find. What if 44 or other reoccurrences are simply the bottle or mailbox flag and the message is a subconscious one? Now this may sound ridiculous but those of you who have studied quantum physics know that this is not impossible. So the next time you see reoccurring numbers ask yourself, what is it that is happening that I should pay more close attention to? Ask yourself, what is the message that you are supposed to receive? Then listen to that little voice inside you respond to your question. Indications are that the messages may be personal and not a general broadcast to whoever should see the numbers. That car that just pulled in front of you with a license plate 144 on it, is trying to catch your attention at that moment in time. Nobody else would take note of it and therefore the message must be just for you.
            Maybe I have traveled too far down the rabbit hole to know what is real and what isn't. But I have learned that much of this world is an illusion either created intentionally by others or unintentionally by ourselves. I have seen people refuse to get on airplanes because of their irrational illusion that something bad will happen. And I have seen religious people commit acts of atrocity because their religion has created the illusion that what they are doing is righteous. If the number 44 does nothing else it should awaken you to the possibility that there is more to this world than meets the eye and that anything is possible. And if anything is possible, then there is no reason why we cannot create the life we dream of or peace and prosperity for everyone on earth. 

            Please let me know if you make a connection with the numbers and what is occurring in your life at the moment you see the numbers. Was it a message to warn you about something or was it to let you know that you're on the right path or was it to let you know your in-laws are coming to town? Please share your experiences so that in the process we may all benefit from the message and can gain a greater understanding of the universe we live in.