Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Fibonacci numbers, clue or just another breadcrumb

    Is the universe  represented by numbers or is the universe made up of numbers?  That  may seem like a strange question but when you're dealing with quantum physics and advanced mathematics it doesn't seem so strange at all. Seeing the number 44 as often as I do, if I had lived 100 or even 50 years ago I'm sure that I would be living my days out in a mental institution.  The universe presents clues here and there, and from time to time in unexpected ways.  I wasn't particularly looking for answers to the 44 question, just watching several documentaries on mathematics.  All the documentaries mentioned the name Fibonacci and that he was a noted mathematician from about 1175 A.D.  His main interest was the reoccurrence of  certain numbers in nature and how some numbers reoccurred more often than others.  Now none one of these documentaries talked about the number 44 and the number 44 did not appear anywhere in the videos. Only when I extrapolated further out the Fibonacci numbers did I see the number 144. So I don't know if this occurrence is just another 44  popping up or if the universe is trying to drop clues.  I will say this, the Fibonacci numbers and his other mathematical works such as the Golden spiral  seem to merit further investigation. So I know this probably raises more questions than answers but  if you don't ask questions, you never get answers.  One of my own questions that I intend to investigate further is, if the number 144 is a Fibonacci number, then how often does that number occur and where does it occur?
   Well, that's all I have for this go around. I look forward to your constructive comments and hearing some of your own questions.  In this insane world may you all find the answers you're looking for and may your days be filled with  blessings. 

Sunday, June 28, 2015

If we are in a computer matrix does the number 44 mean anything?

What does it mean to see the number 44?

   In all actuality the number may not mean anything. But my research leads me to believe more and more that the occurrence of this number is similar to a glitch in the matrix, a déjà vu if you will. 
   In the old days people use to make quartz watches. The quartz crystal inside the watch was electrically stimulated and thus vibrated at a set frequency. This frequency made the watch extremely accurate for telling time.You see the latest scientific research indicates that the universe was created with sound or wave vibrations. This means that everything operates on a vibrational level. As everything in the universe vibrates at different frequencies it is possible to extrapolate that people and their molecules vibrate at different set frequencies. So looking at your watch and seeing 1:44 P.M. or 2:44 A.M. may be nothing more than your internal clock. 
    For many years I've speculated that our reality is not what we think is. We've unfortunately been influenced by religions and governments and what they tell us is real or to be believed, without asking questions. And I come back to the same questions I had as a young man. Who are we, what are we and why are we here? These questions have never been answered to my satisfaction.
    Some of the latest quantum physics research indicates that we are nothing more than a hologram in some computer program. That in itself raised the question, how would I prove I am in a matrix program? Not one of your senses can be considered infallible so what you see, feel, taste, hear, or smell can't be trusted.Your eyes are one example,what you see is more like the lens of a camera. Light passes through the lens forming an upside down image in the back of your eye. Your brain then takes that information and turns the image right side up but it doesn't just correct the image. It reconstructs what it considers to be relevant or of importance and so you're only seeing a small portion of the image that comes through your eyes. The brain does this with all senses and it does so because the amount of information would be too much for the mind to handle if it took in everything. It would also slow down reaction time in the event of danger. The brain condenses the image of a lion running at you down to; lion, danger, where to escape. Your senses are all forms of input but not only can you not trust your senses you also have to deal with the fact that the brain reconstructs everything that is input. If you talk to a neuroscientist he will tell you that your eyes do not see, your brain does.
    So back to the question how do I prove I am in a computer matrix. First I need to come up with the right questions because questions in of themselves can sometimes answer the question.
   Like is the floor solid? A quantum physicist would tell you no, that it is made up of atoms and molecules none of which are solid. Atoms have electrons floating around a nucleus. The electrons blink in and out of existence as does the nucleus. And so the universe is basically constructed out of energy and what is a computer? It is a circuit board consisting of various components that control the flow of electrons and atoms moving in and out of existence or location.
    If I am in a computer matrix wouldn't that take an extremely large computer? The answer is actually no. The computer only needs to construct what is immediately within our five senses. It does not need to construct the entire universe just only what I can see and sense. We ourselves are on the verge of creating artificial worlds within computers in order to run scientific simulations.
    Wouldn't such a program require a vast amount of computer code? Once again the answer is no. If we look at nature we find that not only behavior is duplicated such as the ego but also the design itself is replicated. If you look at a fetus that is only a few weeks old you cannot tell the difference between a human fetus and the cat fetus they are identical, As a matter of fact all animals look identical  and the changes that take place to make them either human or cat take place in the last part of gestation. If we look at the cell structure of an apple tree and the cell structure of a rose we find they are very similar. All of this indicates that what we're looking at is the replication of a simple design throughout all of nature with only slight variances in the gene codes, cell structures or even crystalline structures.
    The next question would be if I am in a real or fixed world then nothing could be changed. An apple is an apple and a banana is a banana. But we know that scientists are working on splicing genes together and that statement is no longer true. Even some of our latest research indicates that thought itself has the ability to change the structure of a gene. If obesity runs in a family and someone in that family decides they are no longer going to be obese, research shows that that very thought has the ability to change the structure of the gene. As a matter of fact research indicates that the human gene actually only composes a very small percentage of the human body. The majority of the human body is actually composed of various bacterium's which live within us in a symbiotic relationship.
    If I exist within a computer matrix does that mean I can do anything and get away with anything? Obviously not, as with any program parameters are in place to prevent someone from abusing the ability to simply manifest things by sheer thought. It also means that a creator or architect has the ability to delete anything in the program that might cause the program to become unstable. That being said, we do seem to have the ability to create things and we do seem to have free will. This means that everything in this world is of our own creation.
What about time, isn't time a constant? The answer again is no, it has been scientifically proven that time is not a constant. For the most part time is only a perception, like a memory of a past event or a series of photos that the mind records as having taken place.
    Basically what I have done is created a list for and against being in a computer matrix. On one side I would have religion in which Adam and Eve had two sons and from that populated the world. Of course a farmer would tell you that you cannot have a herd of cows from just a single male and a single female without having inbreeding genetic problems down the road. On the other side I have that if we are in a computer matrix that is not a problem and creating the world in six days is not a problem either. Of course all of this may sounds like a lot of nonsense but I suggest you do your own research and create your own list of pro and con questions. I am not here to try to convince you that I am right. For all I know I am the only person in the room and everything else is but an illusion. 

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Eyes what do we see?

In the beginning life on earth took the form of sightless creatures. They moved about feeling their way around and using touch as a form of navigation. Later as life emerge from the deep oceans and from the dark places, the first eye was developed. It is a rudimentary eye that detects light and shadow. As time went by an eye was developed that distinguished shapes from the shadows and other reflective surfaces. 
One of the latest developments can be seen in dogs. Their eyes can distinguish shapes, shadows and other forms and can function in low light conditions such as moonlight but up until recently they were and some still are colorblind. I noticed this in the two dogs that I had. One of them could see a laser dot on the floor while the other could not see the dot. Up until recently humans were pretty much in the same boat and our species at the time lived in a world of black-and-white. Some of you may remember growing up and watching a black-and-white TV. This is how we use to see our world and seeing color is only a recent development in our eyesight. Scientists believe that over time our eyesight may develop other abilities such as seeing other spectrums of light. As it is right now we do not have the ability to see certain spectrums of ultraviolet light but who is to say how evolution will play out.
              The color filled world that we live in is an illusion made up by our mind and in reality color does not exist. If you look at a red apple and say that that’s a red apple, you are actuality mistaken. White light as we know it is actually composed of every color in the light spectrum. All the different colors of light strike the Apple in the form of white light. The surface of the Apple absorbs all the colors except red, which it reflects back to the eye. So in actuality the Apple has no color and is simply a reflective surface like all the other things in this world that appear to have color.
                 Is it possible that seeing the number 44 is simply another development in our ability to see? Is it possible that when we see the number 44 or other pairs of numbers that the eyes and the brain are actually developing the ability to see what was not seen before?