Friday, September 21, 2012

number 44 spikes again

Sorry I'm late with this. In looking at my stats we had a huge spike on September 14, 2012. If anyone has had any events occur around this time please share them. It is important that we share the information we have to hopefully come up with an answer. Usually when I see spikes like this it coincides with world events, but as this occurred after 9/11 I do not believe it has anything to do with that date. As we cannot rely on the news media to report everything that goes on in the world and to do so unbiased, it is up to us to figure it out. It is possible that it coincides with a non-event so look out for things that were left out of the media or didn't happen as normal. (Like a lower than normal crime rate or animals acting unusual.) Thank you and have a great day.

44 and 144 every day

A day in the life of 44. I wake up at 4:44 AM in the morning and contemplate going back to sleep. I know that the day has not even begun and I have already seen number once. By the time I have my morning tea I will have seen or heard the number several more times. The news reports the price of something going up $.44 , the clock on the wall flashes 1:44 AM to let me know there was a power bump and that I needed to reset the clock. As I head out the door to do morning chores I note the temperature is 44°C. I grab a sack of chicken feed and note that one of the ingredients is 44%. Later as I begin to head into town a car pulls out in front of me with the license plate 144 BGP. I take notice only because the driver has cut me off and then slowed down to make sure I saw the license plate. As I check the time on my watch I see that it is 7:44 AM as I pull into the McDonald's for a cup of coffee. The clerk tells me I'm customer 1444 and asks me if I want cream and sugar. After I get my groceries at the grocery store, the clerk hands me $1.44 in change. I look at my watch as I'm leaving for home only to see my watch says 11:44 AM. I get a phone call from a solicitor who is calling from 775-800-1144. I call a friend to wish them happy birthday only to have them tell me they just turned 44. I stop at a nearby yard sale to find several old mail boxes for sale. The address on the mail boxes are 144, 244, 344. I get home to find someone parked in the front yard with the license plate 444-$% His name is Hennry and he is selling frozen meat. He will make me a deal if I buy a large quantity. How much I ask, as if I didn't know what he was going to say "$44 he says, a real steel" Later in the day as I am working on a blog I note that I have had 440 page views.
    The fact is we don't go looking for the number, we don't work in accounting, they just seem to haunt us. Frankly I am getting sick of it at times and if I didn't see it for a while I would not be upset.
There are times I think I am losing my mind but I am comforted to know that I am not the only one in the world that see this occurance. The fustration is not knowing what it is all about
or some religion trying to twist them into something that it's not. I have nothing against religion, everyone has to believe in something. But when someone tries to use it to boost their own private crusade and I know in my gut that it's wrong, that's when it bugs me the most. As a spiritual person myself I do not discount the possibility that it has something to do with the creator, but until someone shows indisputable proof, all the cards are still on the table.

So as the days go by, be comforted in knowing that you're not alone.
Be inspired by the possibility that you are part of the shift.
Be open to all the possibilities the universe has to offer.
So when the day is done, your questions will be few.
Meditate, so that you will be at peace and in touch with the universe.
And when the answer does come, be happy, it will be a good one.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

44 message ?

So lets talk hypothetical; you want to send a message to someone in the past, future, another world, the next dimension, you know the usual people you would send a message to. How would you send it? You wouldn't want it to be misconstrued or misinterpreted, what language would you use? There is only one that cannot be misinterpreted, a mathematical language. Religion couldn't twist it into something it's not and politics couldn't hide it behind something else. As my wife would say, numbers don't lie, they can't.
    The next question is who do you send it to? A government, no they would try to use it to thier own benifit. A religion, no they would try to turn it into a message from God. You send it to everyone and wait to see who is listing.
    What message would you send? Too complicated and very few if any would decipher it . To blatant and the people you don't want to notice a message might see it(i.e. government military) .Your first message might only be like a blinking light , just to see who notices the message . Then wait to see who sends the message back in response . You may now understand why I started the blog in the first place.  At some point you would then send a code key or a Rosetta stone .

                           We are now awaiting the Rosetta Stone and we are listening .