Wednesday, August 20, 2008

questioning everything even the number 144

Why is it good to question everything and why people don't ask enough questions?

We have been trained ever since birth to not question our elders, police, doctors and so on. We are led to believe that these people are never dishonest. Why? because they have a title? Why should we have blind trust for someone we just met, because of a job title. Does the title Boss mean this person (your Boss) will never lie to you. Does the title teacher mean this person will never molest your child. There are so many things we take for granted in life, but the truth is we should never take anything for granted. I know this sounds cynical but blindly trusting someone because they have the title teacher or police officer is wrong. Sooner or later your going to run into someone who dose not live up to their title or worse.
I had a teacher that used to tell me that I asked too many questions. As I go on in life the one thing I am sure of is, "you can never ask too many questions." Not just about people either. I think that instead of blind trust, a temporary "this is what I know to be true for the moment" or "For now I will trust what I see," or "for now I will trust this person."
Our eyes and other senses can lie to us also. I have seen a desert mirage that looks like a lake and have eaten apples that taste like grapes. So when I say I see the number 44 or 144 I am not just questioning why but also how and where. I have noted that sense I have started recording when and where, the numbers have not been showing up with the same intensity. I suppose it would be a little bit like watching a pot boil, or it could be just in between events.
So that is it for today think good thoughts and have a great day.

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Can we talk to God with out being carzy?

A thought occurred to me. Why can't we talk directly with the creator (God)?

I remember this same question being posed to a very wise man. The answer that was given was very interesting. The wise man asked "have you ever tried explain yourself to a cockroach ? You see it is all a matter of perspective.

Lets say I could see the future. Most would say I was crazy but if I could it would not be because of magic or some other mystical thing. let me give you an example ; 3 people standing on the street all three several blocks apart from one another . Each person is on the same plane of existence and cannot see what is about to happen to the other . But what if you took the man in the middle and placed him on top of a skyscraper . The man in the middle from his vantage point could quite easily see what was about to happen to the other two . The man in the middle might see a car driving out of control and about to hit the other two . But this would not make him a psychic or special in any way other than a higher vantage point from which to see how things were happening . so back to the first question, if God tried to talk to you would you listen much less understand what he had to say?

This is not to suggest anything other than I found it interesting. The ego sometimes likes to play with the mind. Not sure but I think Eckhart Tolle talks about how the ego does things like this in his new book "A new earth" Or maybe I should read something more down to earth for a while? P.S.saw the number 144 yesterday two times. To all my readers have a nice day.