Friday, May 2, 2008

144 44 More to seeing these numbers than meets the eye .

I haven't paid much attention to my blog as of late. Then I noticed all the wonderful comments about the number 44 . In one sense it's nice to know that I'm not the only one . That I am not losing my mind. In another sense it is kind of scary to think how many people out there are seeing what we're seeing. How many people are out there, but who are too afraid to say anything.
I feel like I'm in the movie "Close encounters of a third kind" sculpting mash potatoes trying to figure out what the message means . At times the numbers show up with more frequency than at other times . The number 44 seems to be the dominant number with 144 showing up from time to time . I think at times it may be leading up to an event. Sastring maybe right about our 44th president, hope that it's not a bad omen as we will be electing this new president in the coming year.
I don't think that the number is a sign of bad things to come , as I have had good things happen after seeing the number 44. I think it's a little bit like a flashing warning light to let us know that something is about to happen that we should pay attention to, or that we are on the right path like a trail marker. In the new book "A New Earth " by Eckhart Tolle talks about a coming event, an evolution if you will of mankind . The last such leap took place when mankind became predominantly right handed and at the same time started developing new skills in making tools and in communication . Those that were left handed seem to have disappeared for some unknown reason. A mental evolution which mankind may still be undergoing.
Or the little green guys are sending messages into our heads to meet them somewhere ( LOL ). What is even more funny is the realization that this number did not just recently start showing up. In looking through my old records I found that the number has been showing up for years. In old report cards from when I was in grade school, to old addresses and phone numbers. It is possible that for one reason or another that we are simply looking for the number . As a result we see it more often and thus place some importance to this number 44 .
If there is a lot of people out there seeing this number then I would say that there may be a significant event coming.

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