Saturday, May 24, 2008

If anyone wishes to email me please be patient as this is not an obsession and I don't always check my email everyday. I will try to respond to comments if I have time.
As for the number 44 or 144 there are times I don't see the number for a week or two and then I will see it several times in one day. And then I see it for several days. I try not to obsess about it as I do not want it to be a subconscious thing that I am looking for. I have decided to start keeping a log of these events in order to find out if it is random. There are a lot of skeptics out there, from religious to medical and scientific. One suggestion is that we see the number, then attach some importance to it and then subconsciously start looking for it. Which may have some validity as one day I saw it on my watch 8 different times. I don't normally look at my watch but people would ask me what time it was or I would look to see if it was break time. I wonder what the odds are for looking at your watch 8 times and each time seeing the number 44 and no other number.
I have had psychics try to tell me that it means something about a coming misfortune or that it was my lucky number but I don't give much credence to them. I am an artist at heart and I tend to notice things that most people don't even see. I have been reading books like "What the bleep do we know" and "a new earth" which may have something to do with it. I have started noticing more things than usual. I had one lady say that I was looking for attention or to be special. The thing of it is I have no need or want for attention much less thought of as a nut.
I just want to know why this number is showing up. Is it like the moth man prophecy
or some message from space. Maybe one of NASA's messages got to an other world and this is the answer back.
At this point all I can suggest is that someone or something is trying to get our attention. I would not try to read into it something that is not there. For all we know it's our subconscious trying to play tricks on us. Don't let it get to you and don't get paranoid. So far nothing bad has happened and as a matter of fact my life has been better than normal. Take it one day at a time and eventually we will find and answer. (Note) I have tried to deliberately look for an other number such as 23 or 12 but it does not work the same. The numbers don't show up the same way?? if at all. If anyone has any ideas on how we can run a double blind test let me know. We may not know what this is but maybe we can eliminate some possibilities.

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