Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Manifesting your dreams

The number 44 still is showing up with regularity and at times with such intensity as to not be ignored. As to the reason for why it is showing up, I am still not 100% sure, but I have deduced the following. One is that the universe is showing me that anything is possible. Two, the numbers 144 and 44 are much like the frequencies on a radio station. If you tune the radio to in-between stations, things get a little fuzzy, and things don't run as smooth as they would normally. Three, seeing the numbers tells me that I should pay more attention to what's going on around me. Four, as I'm not the only one who sees these numbers occur with unnatural frequency and not everyone is seeing the same numbers,I know that this is not a delusion.
Much of what I have been reading about quantum physics affirms that what I and others see is quite possible. Every scientific conception that I grew up with has since been disproven. A good example of this dramatic shift in scientific knowledge can be found in the movie "What the bleep do we know". The movie is filled with Nobel prize winning scientists, doctors and philosophers that explain how the world is as we know it today. After watching this movie, I don't feel so crazy or at least that I'm in good company.
That aside things in my life have been dramatically changing. Through the use of information that I got from the movie and book "The secret" I have learned even more about the real world. The laws of attraction do work and if you can put yourself in the right frame of mind, you can manifest anything in your life. I believe that the number 44, along with other information came into my life to show me what was possible.
As an example; I went from owning vehicles that always broke down to owning vehicles that never break down. When I walk into a casino. I only play when I'm feeling good and positive about myself. I no longer lose money and never spend long periods of time playing, as spending time in the casino, win or lose is a waste of time. Especially when you consider that if you can manifest money from a slot machine you could manifest wealth from a number of less risky ventures. Not that I am recommending gambling, but it does seem to have made an improvement on the odds. I once met a man who was banned from the casinos because he was too lucky, he almost never lost. After having read the secret, I now know his secret and have begun to apply it to other areas of my life. My wife and kids are happier and opportunities seem to be coming to them out of nowhere. My daughter wanted a new job and I told her to use the secret. Within days a new job was presented to her. When she walked into a bakery, she saw the person behind the counter very frazzled. When she asked why, it turned out to be the manager who had just lost his cake decorator. Needless to say after a short conversation, she was presented with the opportunity to go back to what she loved to do.
Think about it, the universe shows you a particular number. It shows up with such frequency that you cannot mistake it for anything but what it is (What seems to be an impossibility). The universe shows you something as simple as this to show you what is possible, to show you anything is possible. What would you do if the universe did this for you? Would you shrug it off as coincidence, like the majority of the people in this world do? Who live their lives blindly going about their day without seeing anything other than what they want to see. How many people sit on a Walmart bench and actually watch what goes on around them? How many really take note of how blind people really are? 99% of the people will not even notice you sitting there and the other 1% will only be people that know you. Once you have done this and you start to notice things, you will see things that no one else will. You will see patterns in frequencies that people live in and then you will start seeing patterns and frequencies in the objects around you. Sometimes you just need to slow down in order to smell the roses much less notice them being there.

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