Tuesday, January 24, 2012

About the time Pres. Obama(the 44th president)was elected, we also had Super Bowl XLIV(44) as well as many other significant 44's appear. I also noted that many stores like Walmart started ending their prices in 44. They used to end in 99 or 98 cent, this was to make you think it was less than a dollar. So why change the ending price to 44? Does anyone know? I also note that the appearance of the number crosses every spectrum of person on earth. Religious and nonreligious as well as male and female [I do not know if if crosses age groups. This would seem to indicate that it is not related to a religious belief. If it was related to a religious belief, I would think it would only show up to those who believe such things. Is it possible the government is testing out a thought control device and they are using the number 44 to check out the results? How is it the majority of the time I look at my watch its 1:44 PM or 2:44 PM or whatever? How is the mind able to know when to look at the watch, is it a glitch in the matrix?

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