Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Is 44 a code key?

A thought occurred to me the other night. If I wanted to send a message through time and space how would I do it. And what if for one reason or another I didn't want others in my time or others in our time to know I sent a message. It would have to be short and not recognizable by everyone. I would send a code key. Not the whole message, just the key. The key would be used on a text i knew would be available to the person with the code key. Say every 44th word or letter in a book that would be available to us here. Let me know what you all think, is it possible and if so what book?


  1. Dale Candee, you've had had a great insight with your last post and a thought occurred to me as soon as I've finished reading your post. I got no clue about what book could it be but if I had to guess what the message of this number means is that we all should unite and make a stand against all lack of fairness, of justice, of freedom, of peace in the world we live in. Let's defend our planet and nature! Like Michael Jackson have written in the song Earth Song, "And now I don't where we are although I know we've drifted far".

  2. :) Not sure if you noticed your post time is 12:44 ;-)