Sunday, April 7, 2013

Are people that see the numbers happier than everybody else?

After watching the documentary movie "Happy" I could not help but wonder if people who see these numbers or phenomenon are happier than everybody else? So to the right I have posted a new survey concerning this very question. I would also like to hear people's feedback and any ideas for additional questions or answers to the questions for the survey.

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  1. The events that started to accur after I started to notice this string number was not "Happy" in a sense,more to the likes of a path followed.I was freed from a life that was running in circles.Now things have taken more of a outward spiral,the consistency has increased to such state that I am guaranteed to see it every trip I take with my car,see 1's and 4's ,it is something that tells us to work hard at what we are doing, a strange accurance is the 7's that started to show as from June 2012,what ever it is,it is getting closer...Should agree that my understanding has increased dramatically,yet happiness is something yet to strive for,and it's not easy.