Sunday, August 31, 2014

The act of observation?

    So I have a question. According to quantum physics or quantum mechanics the act of observation changes the results. If this is the case, then why does the number 44 continue to appear? Does it know that it is being  observed? Does it know and not care? Quantum effects can have huge effects in the real world. Is the number's appearance the result of a quantum event? If so can its appearance be predicted? The frequency in which  we see these numbers has been increasing, at which point does it reach a saturation level? A level that would be noticed by more than just the few that see it now. Would a number qualify as a quantum event? Could the numbers be traced back to it's original source? The Bible uses the number 144 and 44 several times, would this be a source or does it go back further? Why was the number 144 chosen to represent the quantity "Gross" ? 1 gross, being = 144 why? Why not 143 or 145? Does the number have anything to do with fractals or a pacific fractal? As the universe is based on fractals, is someone or something trying to tell us something? If the act of observation changes the out come of things, is this why when we try to manifest things wishes do not come true? If you travel down the rabbit hole can you ever find your way back? Or do the numbers just drive you crazy till you die?
    Live each day with gratitude, love each person as if it was your self, question everything as if you were a child.

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