Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Fibonacci numbers, clue or just another breadcrumb

    Is the universe  represented by numbers or is the universe made up of numbers?  That  may seem like a strange question but when you're dealing with quantum physics and advanced mathematics it doesn't seem so strange at all. Seeing the number 44 as often as I do, if I had lived 100 or even 50 years ago I'm sure that I would be living my days out in a mental institution.  The universe presents clues here and there, and from time to time in unexpected ways.  I wasn't particularly looking for answers to the 44 question, just watching several documentaries on mathematics.  All the documentaries mentioned the name Fibonacci and that he was a noted mathematician from about 1175 A.D.  His main interest was the reoccurrence of  certain numbers in nature and how some numbers reoccurred more often than others.  Now none one of these documentaries talked about the number 44 and the number 44 did not appear anywhere in the videos. Only when I extrapolated further out the Fibonacci numbers did I see the number 144. So I don't know if this occurrence is just another 44  popping up or if the universe is trying to drop clues.  I will say this, the Fibonacci numbers and his other mathematical works such as the Golden spiral  seem to merit further investigation. So I know this probably raises more questions than answers but  if you don't ask questions, you never get answers.  One of my own questions that I intend to investigate further is, if the number 144 is a Fibonacci number, then how often does that number occur and where does it occur?
   Well, that's all I have for this go around. I look forward to your constructive comments and hearing some of your own questions.  In this insane world may you all find the answers you're looking for and may your days be filled with  blessings. 

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