Saturday, July 9, 2016

44F latest reoccurrence


So the latest reoccurrence that has been occurring in my life has been the number 44 with the letter F. Once again the encrypted message if that is what is has been showing up a lot. There has also been a large number of occurrences of the name Jasmine being thrown at me from a multitude of sources. From TV shows, personal introductions to people named Jasmine, receipts telling me that the person who served the food was named Jasmine with the number 44. So at this point I just simply would like to hear from everybody on their thoughts about this reoccurrence and if they have been experiencing similar things.


  1. I found your blog while searching for answers to why I am seeing the numbers 44 and 444. I thought you might be interested in my experience. About 5 yrs. ago my daughter and my husband began seeing 444 repeatedly. It was their little connection. I was aware of it but never experienced it myself. husband passed away almost 2 yrs. ago and I began seeing these numbers in the last 6 months. Mostly 44. It happens several times daily. The interesting thing is that I know I am going to see it before I do. I'll be thinking about him and then look around and if not instantly, within 2 minutes I will see it. It will be on the license plate in front of me,the clock, the odometer, a sign, an name it. 9 times out of 10 if not even more I will see it. I have woken up in the night and before I even look at the clock knew instinctively that it is 4:44. One morning I woke to my husband's voice saying good morning, and you guessed it, it was 4:44. I don't know what this is all about but it does comfort me. I'll take it for face value.

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