Saturday, May 12, 2007

My wife found this little guy wondering in the front yard. Glad I found him before the cats did. Almost did not see him my self as he blended in with sticks and grass. As I live on the edge of a desert and find my self returning many animal back to there natural home. I managed to get a few good photos as he found a new home.
Most people would have killed him upon seeing him. As I said most people only see what they want to. This little 12" snake will grow up to be a 3 to 5 foot snake that eats rattle snakes. He is non-poison's looks like a rattle snake, eats other snakes and lizards and mice. A neighbor found and killed a full grown one last year and a month later found two rattles snakes in his back yard. I personaly would rather have the bull snake in my yard. Rattle snakes will go out of there way to aviod these snakes and as a result if you see bull snakes (desert gopher snake) you won't see rattle snakes.
So if you see a snake don't be a green horn and kill it. If its not bothering you or a danger to you, leave it alone. All living things serve a purpose, even rattle snakes.

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