Monday, October 17, 2011

Something new to think about

The number 44 as I have said before is nothing more than a frequency. As near as I can tell it has been around for a long time. The increase in the number of times that I see the number began about the time the world started its shift. Or about the time the world started to wake up.
Some would have you believe that 2012 is when the shift is going to take place. I hate to disappoint the doomsayers out there but the shift started a number of years ago and is not correlated to specific date. Do you think life on this planet could adapt to the coming changes and awareness in such a short time? Here's another question; do you think people are the only things that are going through this shift? Have you noticed that some animals and plants have begun to change and adapt?
We have been so focused on those animals that have become endangered that we have failed to notice those that are surviving and thriving in the world we have created. Older rats have learned to taste food and wait before consuming all the food that they find. If the food is bad or poisoned they only get mildly sick and return to it only after determining that it is safe to eat. Crows have been evolving rather dramatically in the last few years as well. I include the following link as an example.
All I can say is that after watching this video I will never look at crows in the same way again. This also raises the question, what other animals are evolving and in what ways?
The basic point that I want to get across, is that the number 44 and the people seeing this number and other numbers simply means that the world is becoming more aware of what is really going on around it. The world is waking up and the shift is merely the point at which those that are awake outnumber those that are asleep.
Those of us that are awake see these numbers because like the child standing in the garden we not only see and smell the rose, we see the other roses as well. At some point we will evolve and see the whole garden not just the rose.

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