Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The soul's hiding place

For millennia religion and science have searched for where the soul may reside. To that end science has dissected the human body down to the cellular level in search of the soul. No one has ever claimed to have found it.
So the other night when I was playing with a Mobius strip I got to thinking. What if the reason no one has ever found the soul is because the soul does not reside in this dimension? What if the soul is a fourth dimensional or fifth dimensional object? Even if you had a soul in your hand you might not recognize or even be able to see it. The average mind has a hard enough time just trying to grasp what a fourth dimensional object looks like.
With this in mind one could extrapolate that the soul resides in another dimension connected to us in the third dimension. Like putting your body in a swimming pool, part of you would be submerged in this world, while the rest of you would be sticking out of the water in the fourth dimension. You would be able on a conscious level to interact with this world, yet still be in the fourth dimension. You would also have at some level information come to you from the fourth or fifth dimension. Such as dreams, intuition, and other extrasensory perception's. This would explain why some people seem to have a sixth sense. It may even explain why some of us have been seeing the number 44.
Or we could go with the explanation that a friend gave me. That we have all had a close encounter of the third kind and that some alien is trying to send a message. I have seen a UFO, but that doesn't mean it was from another world. And if I had that kind of technological ability I sure as hell would not send a cryptic message such as the number 44.
Whatever the answer may be, I'm sure it's only because I have not asked the right question yet. My quest will go on until I find an answer or I go mad trying to figure out the riddle that has been presented to me.

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