Tuesday, May 29, 2012

44 lifting the secret veil

44 secret unveiling

The secret message is finally beginning to be revealed. Number 44 is actually a single digit 4 in front of a mirror. I couldn't understand why a lot of the time I would see 144. What I was being told is that, it is one 44. Not as a number, but as a whole, as something that is complete, but yet apart. 44 represents our world and everything in it . That everything, everyone are connected, that we the world are really one. That my fate, is your fate and your fate, is my fate. That what I do to someone else, I do to myself. If I steal from someone, I steal from myself. If I kill someone, I kill myself. If I love someone, I love myself. If I help someone, I help myself. If I give to someone, I give to myself. That I am part of the creator and the creator is part of me. I am the Ying and I am the Yang.

As time goes by and more of the secret is revealed, I believe that we will come to a greater understanding of the universe. The number acts as a frequency and as a result we see this number when we seem to be on the correct path. Not as a justification for what we do, but to let us know we're are going in the right direction. As the world shift progresses through the year 2012 the veil of illusion will be lifted. We will see the truth of all things and know when we're being deceived. The governments and religious powers that have been trying to control us over the centuries will find they have no control whatsoever. People will know the true power in themselves and realize that they have the power to create heaven on earth. That life is composed of choices and that by making the correct choices their lives will improve. They will not need government's or organized religion to tell them what is right and what is wrong.

People will begin to realize that if they live in misery it is because they have chosen to do so. That their lives are the way they are because they've created them that way. If someone is abusing me it is because I have allowed them to do so. If someone is lying to me it is because I have allowed them to do so. It is time to grow up and become what we have the potential to become, and to stop being God's children. And we can do this by simply setting an example for the rest of the world. Do one good deed each day no matter how small. Even quantum events have the power to make a better world . What we think is reflected in the mirror and so our thoughts become reality. So love thyself and love the world.

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  1. We live in a world of illusions and the time that I wrote this post I believed it to be correct. But even Albert Einstein said" my ideas, theories at some point in the future may be disproven." Like steps on a staircase, one needs something to stand upon so they may make it to the next level. Either in whole or part I believe my hypotheses will lead to a greater truth.