Tuesday, June 12, 2012

44 where the crazy ideas come from

    I guess that I could be sarcastic and just say that I got the ideas from all the other crazy people. You know the 5% of the people in the world that read books. The little square things made out of paper and leather and big words in between. The fact is I and my wife have been on this journey for some time. We started with a movie documentary "What the bleep do we know" then followed by" the Celestine prophecy" a book called "A new earth"by Eckhart Tolle and various works by Depak Chopra and a book called "The Secret". There've been numerous other books and movies documentaries etc. and all have had an influence on how I see the world. If I really wanted to, I suppose I could go back to my childhood to explain the number 44. My grandfather always told me," never look at it as it is, but always look at it as what it could be." Imagination was a big part of surviving and as a result we improvised many of our daily needs. Coffee cans were used as mixing bowls and caps for pipes, flour sacks were used for duffel bags and hand towels. We didn't recycle, not because we didn't know about recycling but because we reused everything and had no need to recycle.
    Most people think that this kind of thinking is crazy, but I have found that the rest of the world is the one with the problem. We're in the process of a shift from one reality to another. Older generations cling to belief systems based on religion and politics. These belief systems have been responsible for wars and plagues from the beginning of time. They have also been responsible for holding us back in our evolution to a higher state of consciousness. Religious and political systems of the world have been using fear to hold control over the people. They have either fabricated artificial fear in the form of religion belief or created physical fear in the form of wars and imprisonment. As people begin to awaken and realize they are the ones in control, the illusion will fade.

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  1. What we have in common? We are looking for the truth !