Friday, October 19, 2012

Number spikes

Number spikes   

Just an update, the number 44 has been spiking again lately. I have been looking for a correlation between the spikes and world events. I have not as yet been able to pinpoint the correlation. This is due to in large part of not knowing what the lag time may or may not be. If the number 44 shows up one or two days before an event it would be easy to pinpoint. But the lag time may be longer and as a result difficult to tell whether that had anything to do with the number showing up. Studies with random number generators indicate the lag time should be very short. One such study has random number generators posted worldwide and they are monitored for fluctuations 24 hours a day. Usually prior to world events, spikes are seen as little as a few hours prior to the event. When the World Trade Centers fell on 9/11 there was a spike in the system that occurred only a few hours prior to the event.

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