Tuesday, April 2, 2013

survey results for the number 44

Seeing numbers latest results from the surveys.

·         80% of you have been hearing ringing in the ears, dizziness or feel disoriented like being drunk or ear infection. This would indicate that a possible outside influence such as radio waves or some other phenomenon is taking place.
·         The majority have not had prophetic dreams.
·         The majority does not live near a military base.
·         Almost 100 percent have not had any surgery or implants.
·         Almost all are healthy and do not suffer from an illness or trauma.
·         The majority of you are introverts and do not like being around people. Introverts tend to be more observant of what is going on around in their surroundings. It indicates that part of the reason we may be seeing the number is simply we are more observant.
·         The majority of you started seeing the number on your own. It was not mentioned to you and you were not made aware of the number by someone else.
·         Do you believe you have a psychic ability is split 50-50.
·         Do you believe a shift in the world is coming is 70% yes.
·         Have you seen an increase in the frequency of numbers 100% yes.
·         Have you ever seen a UFO of all 80% no.
·         Do you have an artistic background is 60% no 40% yes.
·         Is the number 44 the only numbers you see. 33% yes and 66% no
As you can see the survey is starting to yield some results. And it is my belief that if I ask the right questions we will get the right answers. Thus far the survey gives indications that it may be a psychological event . It also indicates that it may be a result of some outside influence . The dizziness or feeling disoriented may indicate exposure to some type of radio wave . Government experiments in mind control yielded similar side effects. The videogame Doom also produce similar effects when played for a period of time, as well as some subliminal commercials. Parasites and viruses are also known to cause similar effects but most people are indicating they are healthy.  If anyone has a suggestion on what type of questions I should ask please let me know. Please answer the new questions that have been posted. Thank you and have a great day.

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