Thursday, October 24, 2013

A spiritual journey to Mount Shasta's vortexes

Mount Shasta vortexes

Mt. Shasta
   I and my wife recently traveled to Mount Shasta in our quest to find more answers to our spiritual questions and the meaning of 44. It is one of the more beautiful places on earth and is known for its vortexes and sacred sites. The beauty and serenity that you will find here is unique.
downtown Mount Shasta
It has more rock, crystal and spiritual stores within a three block radius than you will find anywhere else. Everything from singing crystal bowls to health food stores to 60s clothing can be found here. 
    As we were not familiar with the area, we hired a guide to show us the various places where we might find answers. Andrew from "Mountain Journeys" was our guide this time and was very helpful and open to exploring the questions we had. I consider him to have been one of our better guides and should I return will hire him again. I do not think that we could have found many of these places on our own and was glad to have hired a guide that saved us a lot of time and trouble.
My wife and guide Andrew at one of many waterfalls
Although we did not find the answer to the number 44 or 144, we did find answers to other personal questions. The trip also gave us a better idea of what direction that we want to go with our lives. I will return to Mt. Shasta if for no other reason than to enjoy the tranquility and beautiful scenery.
   It should be noted that on this trip we saw the number 44 more times than anywhere else.
It should also be noted that we had many unusual experiences such as this bird landing next to us and seemingly unafraid. It is a wonderful place just to visit and the unusual experiences we had, made it that much more special. We will return.

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