Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Eyes what do we see?

In the beginning life on earth took the form of sightless creatures. They moved about feeling their way around and using touch as a form of navigation. Later as life emerge from the deep oceans and from the dark places, the first eye was developed. It is a rudimentary eye that detects light and shadow. As time went by an eye was developed that distinguished shapes from the shadows and other reflective surfaces. 
One of the latest developments can be seen in dogs. Their eyes can distinguish shapes, shadows and other forms and can function in low light conditions such as moonlight but up until recently they were and some still are colorblind. I noticed this in the two dogs that I had. One of them could see a laser dot on the floor while the other could not see the dot. Up until recently humans were pretty much in the same boat and our species at the time lived in a world of black-and-white. Some of you may remember growing up and watching a black-and-white TV. This is how we use to see our world and seeing color is only a recent development in our eyesight. Scientists believe that over time our eyesight may develop other abilities such as seeing other spectrums of light. As it is right now we do not have the ability to see certain spectrums of ultraviolet light but who is to say how evolution will play out.
              The color filled world that we live in is an illusion made up by our mind and in reality color does not exist. If you look at a red apple and say that that’s a red apple, you are actuality mistaken. White light as we know it is actually composed of every color in the light spectrum. All the different colors of light strike the Apple in the form of white light. The surface of the Apple absorbs all the colors except red, which it reflects back to the eye. So in actuality the Apple has no color and is simply a reflective surface like all the other things in this world that appear to have color.
                 Is it possible that seeing the number 44 is simply another development in our ability to see? Is it possible that when we see the number 44 or other pairs of numbers that the eyes and the brain are actually developing the ability to see what was not seen before? 


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  1. I recently have noticed about over the last year or so that I see around lights in parking lots and stuff that I see the energy flow the vector equilibrium flow on th lights I swear I see this and my mom does and I know others that do.