Monday, August 11, 2008

It still amazes me that in this day and age people still can be blind as a door nail. You talk about seeing something odd such as the number 144 or 44 and your considered nuts or postal. If I told you i saw a man float in mid air would I get the same thing? If I told you it was someone doing street magic would I be crazy? If I told you I met someone who could taste spoken words, would you consider me crazy or would you just be ignorant? Do you trust everything you see, taste, hear, feel and smell ? If you do I feel sorry for you, as you are only seeing part of the real world. hELL did I just write hell or did I write 7734 upside down. The truth [if there is one] is in how you look at it. So the final question is do you view the world as full of spiteful evil people or do you think the world is full of helpful good people? It's your choice, it's your reality. P.S. Saw the number 44 a lot last week still not sure what to make of it, but as my wife would say "It's all good"


  1. Hi Avadu44.

    This morning I was compelled to share my knowledge of the number 44with you all. It all started two years ago when I was becoming aware of the number 33! For the life of me I couldn't shake that number. Where ever I went it was there. For example my girlfriend at the time she and I went to Vegas and stayed at Tropicana and there was a chocolate covered wrapper on the pillow with only the number 33. I started to investigate the meaning behind it. I got mixed results but most likely a bad omen or the begining of change. I didn't realize it until two years later. The most difficult time of my life when I turned 33. Drastic changes occured but the end result was for the better. I made a friend at work that was familior with numeralology and she shared with me her number 44 while we were driving. The minute she said 44 a truck pulls right in front of her with 44 on the licence plate. Coincidence, I think not but freaky. She felt that 44 is a bad number but it isn't. And that number will ingain in your soul by the year 2012. To explain why people are starting to notice number 44 because it has great significance in our lives. You just have to ask the right questions and the answers will come.

    I woke up at 5:44 this morning to search for you. Keep in mind their are no coincidences in life. If you wake up spiritually, you will understand the true meaning of the number 44. 4 in some cultures mean create or creative. God is our creator.I'll get into that later. There are negative forces at work that are trying aggressively to suppress your awakening. If you stop to look around you, you notice the beauties of life and nature, yet we are too distracted by our own lives of making a living, entertainment, stress, relationships and so on and dealing with our issues. It's an ongoing battle that we face everyday yet we are starting to wake up. Why. Because there is something more greater than your own lives and as you will come to witness by 2012. Funny, I just got a text right now and it's the 44th text from someone I haven't talked to in a while. Has anyone seen the movie Numbers. It's about the end time of Earth and 33 was the number which ment in reverse Everyone Else. That's not the number, 44 is. There is a very powerful solar rays that's quickly approaching the Earth by 12/21/20012 and will wipe out all of the satelites. It comes every 11years but we missed it last time. This rays from the sun will be so powerful, it will change the rotation of our planet to go counter clockwise but the Earth will stop for three days before rotating. We who are still on this Earth by then will truely, I mean TRUELY experience spiritual enlightment. Oh, we will not burn to a crisp like in the movie so don't worry about that. This is fact. Research it.

  2. Second, the prophecey of the bible will be fullfilled by 2012 I'm a spiritual person who is quite intuitive and blessed by God (Yahweh). I'm no prophet just for everyone to know. Over the years I sought the truth of life, my purpose and what's really happening to us. Have you noticed why the media keeps pushing us to drink tap water. Do you know sodium flouride is in it. Did you know flouride serves no purpose for strengthening teeth but the opposite. Think about that for a moment. Why do we see so many chemtrails in the sky. the residue that the planes leave. Why is there such a push to vaccinate us. Did you know that in 1976 more people died of the vaccine than flus! Why is there so much crap on tv yet you are gluded to the tube. Why is our education constantly being hit with budget cuts yet new police buildings and police officers are being hired at an alarming rate. I could go on and on but the point I am getting accross is that we as a whole are losing our sense of criticall thinking and rely on what "experts have to say and think for us" There is a dumbing down effect happening right now. Flouride makes you complacent. The US watches more tv than any country in the world. WOW! Talk about mind control. We are also losing our civil liberties. Looks what's happening to the Constitution. It is true to not believe everything that you read, listen, watch. Don't be sheeple folks. I'm going to give you some information to open your eyes and your mind and for you to connect the dots as I did and form you own conclusion of what's to come by 2012. Go to,,

  3. Watch "The Arrivals" on the wakeupproject or abovetopsecret or on youtube. Not all videos are on youtube. Watch as many documentary videos on these sites. It will blow your mind. God wants you to wake up. That's the meaning behind the number 44. In the book Revelation Explained at Last by David C. Pack, 144,000 saints are mentioned in the PDF. Read it. Also Obama is the 44th President and Sarah Palin was age 44 when asked to run for VP of the Republican Party with McKain. Big changes are happening and we must stand up for our Constitutional rights and freedoms or we will all be slaves to the NWO! (33) There is a secret society that uses the number 33 and if you get a chance to go to Disney Land, there is a door with the number 33 on it by the Pirates of the Carabean. I won't go into detail about it but if you watch Fantasia, Aladin, The Little Mermaid, they all have sexual enuendos. I know I missed a few other "kids movies". The blog I'm sending you maybe farfetch for anyone to absord but check out the websites and become awakened before it's too late!

  4. What you say is very interesting. I agree about the fluoride as I have stopped using fluoride toothpaste for three years now. In that time I have not had any cavities. Thank you for your comments.